Ghost and Patrick Wilson cover Shakespears Sister’s ‘Stay’ for ‘Insidious’ soundtrack

Ghost have previously contributed to the 'Halloween Kills' soundtrack as well

Swedish rock and metal band Ghost and actor Patrick Wilson have teamed up to cover Shakespears Sister‘s ‘Stay’ as part of the Insidious: The Red Door soundtrack.

The track, a cover of Shakespears Sister’s 1992 goth-pop hit ‘Stay’, features in the closing credits of the newly released horror film. It also marks Ghost’s first release since their recent covers EP ‘Phantomime’ in May.

Listen to Ghost and Patrick Wilson perform ‘Stay’ below.


Wilson – who also directed Insidious: The Red Door – revealed via a press statement that he got word that Ghost were planning to release a cover of the track, and reached out to Tobias Forge for a collaboration.

“Ghost, for me, is one of the most unique rock bands out there. Tobias’ sense of melody is only matched by his storytelling. The blistering imagery of him and the band is unlike any other. The balance of dark lyrics with soaring — and dare I say… angelic — melodies, make listening to them a different experience than any other band out there.”

“So clearly, when I wanted a band that embodied the spirit of Insidious lore, I knew where to look first. ‘Stay’ is such a hauntingly beautiful tune to end my film with, because the dark lyrics juxtaposed against the sweeping melody are a great bookend to my film. Singing on it, alongside Tobias, was an absolute thrill. I wanted the tune to feel like it was Josh Lambert (my character) singing, and then being tempted by the devil (the lipstick demon) in this case, sung by the brilliant Tobias Forge.

“Tobias’ tone is a sharp contrast to mine, and his new arrangement of the song is faithful yet fresh. It was an honour to be featured on the tune, and I can’t thank Tobias and the Ghost crew, especially Tim Bickford and Kristen Mulderig, for making this happen.”

Ghost are no stranger to horror film soundtracks, having previously contributed their original track ‘Hunter’s Moon’ as part of the 2021 slasher flick Halloween Kills.


Insidious: The Red Door – which is in cinemas now –  marks the fifth entry in the horror franchise. The film scored a four-star review from NME‘s Alex Flood, who wrote: “In between the terror, the newbie director makes time for actual plot… Wilson should be applauded for trying to mix things up. There’s a focus on family, too. If Vin Diesel ever ditches the Fast & Furious franchise to burn seance candles instead of rubber, it’ll probably look something like this. Wilson makes the step up look simple.”

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