Ghostface Killah sues record label over unpaid royalties

The hip hopper is chasing Wu-Tang Clan money he claims he is owed

Ghostface Killah has taken legal action over Universal regarding unpaid Wu Tang Clan royalties.

The member of the hip hop collective, whose real name is Dennis Coles, has filed a suit against the record label, stating that they only hold a 25% stake in the group’s songs, rather than the 50% which they believe, reports Billboard.

Back in 2005, Coles sued Wu-Tang Productions and the group’s production man RZA over royalties, saying that they were both taking more money than they were entitled to from the band’s profits. The court ruled in Coles’ favour over the case, and the new suit is apparently based on the decisions made in that former case.

Coles is also currently being sued himself, over his 2000 solo album ‘Supreme Clientele’. TV music composer Jack Urbont is the man behind the suit, alleging that on the album the rapper unlawfully sampled his 1960s piece, ‘The Iron Man Theme’ from The Marvel Super-Heroes.

Coles‘ lawyers are dismissing the case, as the album came out 11 years ago.