Giant Drag frontwoman Annie Hardy suffering from chronic muscle disorder

But Hardy is determined not to let the illness stop her recording

Giant Drag frontwoman Annie Hardy has revealed that she is suffering from fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that can make your whole body ache.

Hardy said she originally thought she was feeling exhausted due to touring.

However, when Giant Drag‘s last tour ended, the pain still persisted and she was eventually diagnosed with the condition.


“Basically I’m in dull to gnarly pain all the time, and I’m supposed to be doing physical therapy three times a week but can’t afford it,” Hardy told Stereogum. “But it’s not terminal cancer so I try not to bitch about it too much.”

Despite her condition, Hardy has been busy recording a new Giant Drag EP, called ‘Swan Song’. She is currently deciding between two cover images for the EP.

As NME.COM previously reported, Hardy asked fans to help fund the cost of her next album by donating money to her through a PayPal account.

She revealed that some of the cash raised helped her to record the ‘Swan Song’ EP.

Hardy also said that she hoped to eventually return to touring, saying: “I just need one of those French-fry-converted vans, and then I’m off to look for America and hopefully Canada. The overseas stuff will be hard to do on my own, but I have to make it happen, even if I swim there.”