Giant Drag confirm split

Annie Hardy tells NME.COM she'll go it alone

Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy has spoken to NME.COM about the departure of drummer and keyboardist Micah Calabrese from their band.

The band’s MySpace page now lists the band’s members as Hardy and “whoever else feels like doing it”, following the band’s last gig, which took place on November 9 at Boule Noire in Paris, France.

Speaking for the first time about the split, Hardy explained that her bandmate mate never really wanted to be in the group.


Micah quit the band about a week after we came back from France,” she said. “Micah never wanted to be in a band in the first place. He likes playing music and he likes recording but he never wanted to do this as a career. He had a real job before and he was making money.

“He had a house and everything. But when he joined the band full time it was like he didn’t have a house anymore, he doesn’t have a nice car anymore.

“I’d imagine that if you weren’t passionate about doing this then it makes dealing with the other bullshit that comes along with it, like touring and fucking being in the music industry and not making any money hard to put up with. Not to mention being in a band with me, which is struggle enough!”

Although Hardy has not spoken to Calabrese since he left, she said he has been working as a freelance computer programmer.

She also added that she was writing new, “really sad” songs for the next Giant Drag album and would continue under that name. She is currently planning to work with Lilys producer Mike Mussmano.

“I’ve never been so vulnerable before. To the point that it freaks me out,” admitted Hardy, adding that one of her new tracks is called ‘Heart Carl’.


“It’s means when you shit on someone’s heart,” she explained.

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