Giant Drag slam ‘Wicked Game’

Annie Hardy isn’t too impressed

Giant Drag have slammed their record company’s decision to include their cover of ‘Wicked Game’ on the US edition of their album.

The band’s version of the Chris Isaak track, a hit in 1991, is already available on the UK pressing of ‘Hearts And Unicorns’, but the duo’s label Kickball has now decided to repackage the record Stateside.

“Obviously the cover wasn’t on the original version of the album,” singer Annie Hardy said. “Because we didn’t fucking want it there.”


According to Rolling Stone, ‘Wicked Game’ is starting to get radio play in the US which could open the band up to wider audience.

However, describing the song as “not even ironic”, Hardy said: “I guess either they’re buttering my balls, or it’s the truth: It’s hard to get female-fronted bands on bigger radio stations.”

She added: “So this could be a foot in the door, or it could be the kiss of death and we’ll be the next Alien Ant Farm. Wait and see!”