A giant Ed Sheeran statue has appeared in Moscow

It's quite David Brent...

A giant statue of Ed Sheeran has appeared in Moscow, and it’s fair to say the creation is quite something.

The statue, which captures the singer in all his red-headed and tattooed glory, appeared in Moscow’s Gorky Park ahead of Ed’s concert in the Russian capital on Friday.

While an accurate depiction of the singer’s likeness, there’s something quite David Brent-esque about it – with Ed lying suggestively on his side and leaning on one elbow.

He’s wearing a graffiti covered T-shirt, a pair of red shorts and aviator sunglasses.

One Twitter user wrote: “Btw i have a friend in Russia, we’re not really friends, but he sent me russian tea once and greetings from his wife. That’s not what i want to comunicate tho, he saw a 5 meters Ed Sheeran statue built in a park in Moscow. Wow.”

Another quipped: “Just in case Ed feels lonely in Russia someone made this in the biggest park in Moscow.”

Ed’s Russian show follows the release of his ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’ – which sees him collaborating with the likes of Justin Bieber, Stormzy and Cardi B.

NME wrote of the record: “In 10 or 20 years’ time, ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’ could be the perfect time capsule of what pop was in 2019. It’s less an album, more a collection of savvy and generally savvy collaborations which blurs traditional genre boundaries unselfconsciously and acknowledges that Latin-pop is the sound of the near-future. Most of the time, it’s a credit to Sheeran’s songwriting skills and well-honed persona.”