Giggs issues apology video after London show is cancelled by police – watch

Rapper sarcastically applauds police after concert is scrapped

Giggs has issued an apology video after his forthcoming show at London’s Under The Bridge next month (October 15) was cancelled. Click at bottom of the page to watch.

The Peckham rapper took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that the gig had been scrapped on the request of the authorities. He was sentenced to two years in prison in 2003 for possession of a firearm and has subsequently had shows repeatedly cancelled: his 2010 tour was scrapped due to police warnings, and the Metropolitan Police Service’s Operation Trident once warned independent label XL against signing him to a record deal.

In his video, a suited Giggs apologises to fans for the cancellation and promises to refund ticket sales for the show. Then, addressing the police, he says: “I’m not even going to lie. Great work, man. Genius. Beautiful. Usually you don’t even give it the go-ahead, you cut it off straight away, but actually making me think it was going to happen and cancelling it a few days before… loved it.”

He adds: “You went hard with that one. So good luck to you. You’re always going to slow me down, you’ve been slowing me down, but I’m still here.”

Giggs had discussed his attitude towards the police cancelling his shows in an interview with the Guardian earlier this week. Asked if he was disappointed about the scrapped gigs, he said: “What’s the point in getting caught up in that? Before music, I was doing so much fucked-up shit, I’m just happy to be getting paid from doing music, full stop. I never thought this was going to be an option. So I’m not going to sit here and whinge about not getting a chance like everyone else.

“I don’t really expect anything to happen anyway,” he added. “If I book a tour, I know it might not happen. I just think about the things that I have got. A lot of good things have happened to me too. It could always be worse.”

Giggs‘ new album ‘When Will It Stop’ is released next week (October 15). You can watch the video for the single ”(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes’ by clicking below.