Giggs speaks about importance of staying independent

Rapper released 'The Landlord' via his own imprint in August

Giggs has spoken about the positives of being an independent artist, rejecting the idea of ever signing to a label again in the future.

The London rapper released his fourth album ‘Landlord’ in August via his own SN1 Records. He had previously been signed to XL Recordings, with whom he released ‘Let Em Ave It’ in 2010. XL also distributed 2013’s ‘When Will It Stop’.

Last night, Giggs appeared on Apple’s Beats 1, speaking with Julie Adenuga about his new album, as well as the importance of being independent.

On the success of ‘The Landlord’, Giggs said: “It’s everyone here, that’s it man. The charts thing I was happy about it, I was just happy everyone finally listened to the product”.

Asked about standing alone as an independent artist, Giggs said: “It wasn’t even difficult really, it’s just that I’m kind of lazy that way, sorting out the contracts really, the business side but apart from that everything was fun. Every single part of it, every bit of it, the recording, the marketing, the freedom.”

Quizzed on whether there were any labels in particular that could entice him to sign to them in the future, Giggs said: “Nothing at all, it’s always going to boil down to that messing about with what I do, always, because it’s a business. For me, I love music, it’s fun, I’ll put something out, if it don’t work I’ll go again, but for them, it’s always going to go back to ‘yeah man, we didn’t make what we thought we were going to make, so do you reckon you can make something’ – do you know what I mean? Like nah I don’t reckon.”