Giggs announces new album ‘Big Bad’ – check out the epic trailer

He's massive

Giggs has announced details of his new album ‘Big Bad’. Check out the trailer below.

Due for release next month on February 22, the London rapper’s fifth album and follow-up to 2016’s ‘Landlord‘ comes with a dramatic and cinematic trailer – showing the rapper having a smoke before a giant version of him causes carnage, chaos and destruction in his path and using helicopters as playthings.

Giggs made headlines last year when he hit out at Krept & Konan as ‘pathetic’ and ‘frauds‘.

The row between the former collaborators kicked off on Instagram, when Krept spoke about DigDat’s Air Force Remix hitting the top 20 of the singles charts.

“A fucking drill song just went top 20,” he wrote. “This was so important, Game changing!

‘This one was for the streets! You can literally make any fucking type of song you want and chart without mainstream radio tv etc… they cant control it anymore.”

However, Giggs took issue with his sentiments. In a since deleted comment, the rapper wrote: “Hope you got a permit for all that Glory Hunting, Pathetic. Goal hanging n**as. You both make me sick. Forever talkin shit that ain’t even facts. Now your tryin a jump on the yutes hyoe and act like your responsible as well. Frauds.”

Meanwhile, it recently emerged that the beat for Eminem’s track ‘Killshot’ was originally intended for Giggs.