‘You both make me sick’ – Giggs hits out at Krept & Konan as ‘frauds’ and ‘pathetic’

"Hope you got a permit for all that glory hunting"

Giggs has ignited a feud with Krept & Konan, accusing them of being ‘frauds’ for ‘glory hunting’.

The row between the former collaborators kicked off on Instagram, when Krept spoke about DigDat’s Air Force Remix hitting the top 20 of the singles charts.

“A fucking drill song just went top 20,” he wrote. “This was so important, Game changing!


‘This one was for the streets! You can literally make any fucking type of song you want and chart without mainstream radio tv etc… they cant control it anymore.”

However, Giggs took issue with his sentiments. In a since deleted comment, the rapper wrote: “Hope you got a permit for all that Glory Hunting, Pathetic. Goal hanging n**as. You both make me sick. Forever talkin shit that ain’t even facts. Now your tryin a jump on the yutes hyoe and act like your responsible as well. Frauds.”

Giggs has hit out at Krept & Konan on Instagram

This comes after  Krept & Konan collaborated with Giggs back in 2013 for Young Kingz track ‘Bloodclart’.

Meanwhile, it recently emerged that the beat for Eminem’s track ‘Killshot’ was originally intended for Giggs.


“When I originally started the beat for ‘Killshot,’ it was actually for Giggs,” said Illdaproducer. “He always asked me for these horror movie beats. That’s what I was thinking when I made the ‘Killshot’ beat was something mean, gritty, grimy. When I realised it was gonna go to Eminem was the morning that MGK dropped ‘Rap Devil.’

“I was in Miami, with my girl, on vacation celebrating ‘Kamikaze’ and I see MGK’s diss. I clicked on it, like, ‘Damn, that’s how it is, Ronny [J]?’ Right away, I went into my folder and tried to find the hardest beats possible. I sent [Eminem] two beats. It was like eight o’clock at night and I was like, ‘Yo, I sent Giggs some crazy shit.’ I hit Giggs, and he told me what beat he used, and he didn’t use [‘Killshot’]. I sent it [to Eminem] right away.”