Girl In Red on working on her “more mature” debut album during lockdown

"Everyone is turning to things that give them meaning"

Girl In Red has spoken about working on her forthcoming debut album during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

The Norwegian artist, whose real name is Marie Ulven, marked “the start of a new phase” in her career back in April by sharing her latest single ‘Midnight Love’.

Speaking in a new interview with Insider, Ulven explained that her first full-length will contain tracks that are “definitely more mature” than her previous releases.


“My grandma even said it: ‘Marie, you’ve grown so much this past year’,” she said. “So I feel like my new music sort of reflects that growth, that’s sort of been off-screen. Nobody has seen it because it’s not really been in my music yet.”

Ulven continued: “So I feel like people will definitely get to know a more mature version of me. I’ve been able to reflect way more on things that are not only happening on my behalf, but also understanding other people’s feelings.”

Girl In Red also said that she’s remained productive while in self-isolation, but hasn’t been feeling particularly “inspired” by the ongoing situation. “I’m not going to make any coronavirus songs,” she added.

“I know that there is more important shit in the world than my music, of course, but I think the world still needs music. Everyone is like turning to art right now, watching movies or reading books or listening to music. Everyone is turning to things that give them meaning.”


Speaking to NME in April, Ulven said: “The album is still cooking and I want to be sure that I put the best stuff on there. I want it to feel present and close to me. I’ve got plenty of bangers that are still on the table.”

Back in January, Girl In Red featured in the NME 100 2020 list and became our first Big Read cover star of the year.


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