Girls’ Christopher Owens: ‘I struggle with an addiction to serious, very heavy opiates’

San Francisco band's singer admits struggle with drugs has inspired his band's new LP

Girls frontman Christopher Owens has admitted that his ongoing drug addiction to “serious, very heavy opiates” is documented on the band’s new album ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Owens spoke about how he has to detox before he tours with Girls or he cannot make it through their tours.

Asked about the lyrical content of new track ‘Just A Song’, Owens said:

The line about keeping my feet on the ground is about drugs. ‘Just A Song’ is the most personal one on the record. It’s the closest to what I feel right now. I struggle with an addiction to serious, very heavy opiates, which is the reason I’m sick right now, because I’m cleaning up for the tour.


He continued:

I have to get clean, otherwise I have a bad attitude, or I’m looking for it all the time, or I get sick on the road. I’ve done this for every tour. Getting rid of this shit is literally the worst hell you can imagine. I don’t know why I always go back to it, but I do.

Owens added that he feels drugs fuel the music he makes and allow him to “pinpoint an emotion”.

He said of this: “It fuels the music in a very serious way. It allows you to focus on one thing. I can pinpoint an idea or an emotion while very heavily medicated, which is how I write most of my songs. This is a reoccurring theme. All of my heroes have this same exact problem.”

Girls tour the UK in November.