Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts: ‘People can sniff out a faker’

Singer defends her right to go down the alternative route

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts has spoken out about her new solo record, saying that “people can sniff a faker”.

Roberts has surprised some quarters by recording her solo debut with producers Diplo, Metronomy‘s Joe Mount (pictured below) and Dimitri From Paris, claiming she had been “sneaking into studios with dark glasses on” so that her label would not find out what she was up to. Now she has denied jumping on any kind of bandwagon, saying that it was “natural” that she would go down a more alternative route since that is where her taste lies.

She told NME: “It’s natural, being a fan and loving a band like Major Lazer, that you’d go to somebody like that. It’s so out-there and full of imagination. And even with Girls Aloud, we didn’t make records with rules. I’m used to working with Xenomania, who take risks, and that’s what I feel with Joe, with Diplo. That’s where I’ve come from, so that’s where I want to go.”


Her first single, ‘Beat Of My Drum’, emerged last week with the album ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’ due for release in the autumn. Roberts continued: “People can sniff out a faker. It would have been really awkward for me to not make a record like this. I’m not comfortable with faking – there’s evidence of that in the first six years of the band.”

Meanwhile, Mount added: “Not many people have asked me for production, so the fact that the first person who’s actually done it to this level is Nicola seems pretty genuine.”

Both were speaking in the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands today (June 15) and available digitally.


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