Music fans react to Girls Aloud criticising indie bands

Fans have given their verdicts on the girl group’s attack

Music fans have been giving their verdicts on Girls Aloud‘s recent attack on indie bands.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band have recorded a song, ‘Hoxton Heroes’, which criticises fashion-chasing indie bands with lyrics such as, “You’re off your face like you’re no-one/How many tracks have sold? Hmmm, none”.

Writing on NME.COM, ‘orangeiod’ criticised the band specifically for their lyric, “So why don’t you write a tune that we can hum?”, pointing out that Girls Aloud have their songs written for them by songwriting professionals.

Another NME.COM user defended the band, writing, “Girls Aloud are a manufactured band? Unlike The Kooks, Razorlight, the Libs, right?” ‘Libsfan1’ added: “They’ve produced some pretty damn good singles and managed to throw off the mantle of winning a TV talent show better than anyone else. That takes some talent.”

Plenty of users were quick to attack the band, though, pointing out lyrical similarities between the song and ‘That Boy That Girl’ by Hadouken!.

One user wrote: “I’ve just listened to ‘Hoxton Heroes’ – it’s shit. All of Girls Aloud‘s stuff sounds the same, although some of it is alright. But being indie is way better than being a group of plastic WAGs who look like they’ve just been tangoed.”

‘the_royal_we’ added: “They’re right. I just binned my trilby and got a symmetrical haircut.”

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