Girls Aloud lash out at Pete Doherty

Cheryl Cole calls him a “junkie idiot”

Girls Aloud have lashed out against Pete Doherty.

The band accused the Babyshambles frontman of glorifying drugs.

Cheryl Cole told NME.COM: “That junkie idiot – the problem I have with him is that I’ve lost friends to heroin and I just don’t get the idea of glorifying it. I think it’s disgusting, there are enough drug problems going on without him being in the public eye for it and sticking needles in his arm in the press. If he kicks his habit he’ll be a lot more respected.”

The band also spoke about the rumours of flirting between member Sarah Harding and Doherty’s former bandmate Dirty Pretty ThingsCarl Barat. Harding said: “It was a brief encounter at the Vodafone Awards. He walked past us and I was like, ‘Yum!’Maaaaaybe!’ He had his shades, his scarf, his drainpipe jeans – the whole shebang. I was like, ‘Hmmmmm!’”

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