‘Girls Planet 999’ contestant Fu Yaning claims it was not her idea to diss CLC’s Yujin

“What you guys saw in the show after editing is totally different”

Former Girls Planet 999 contestant Fu Yaning has spoken out about her viral diss of Yujin from K-pop girl group CLC.

Earlier this year, South Korean television network Mnet had released a teaser for its recently concluded reality TV series Girls Planet 999, where Fu had been asked to “say a word” to fellow contestant Yujin of CLC.

Fu then dissed Yujin, rapping “We go up, but you don’t”, in reference to the CLC song ‘Helicopter’. The moment later went viral on social media platforms, with Fu receiving backlash for her remark


However, the Chinese contestant has since spoken out about the incident during a recent interview, saying that the diss had not been her idea and has been blown out of proportion with editing.

“First of all, I respect CLC very much. But the [mentors] really wanted me to say [something to Yujin in the moment],” Fu claims. “Yujin’s reaction at the time was also very good, and what you guys saw in the show after editing is totally different.”

Fu added that she and the rest of the contestants were surprised by the final product, with several of her fellow contestants reaching out to her after the episode had aired. “Viewers might watch and see that I was not [affected by the event], but actually, I have been holding back and not crying,” she added.


In other news, BTS fans have threatened to boycott the boyband’s label, HYBE, over its plans to launch Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with many citing the potential negative impact the digital asset has on the environment.

BTS fans (also known as ARMY) noted how the company’s NFT plans could be seen as contradictory to the boyband’s recent speech at the UN, where the group described climate change as “an important problem”.

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