Glass Animals hint at collaborative “expansion pack” for ‘Dreamland’

Dave Bayley told NME he wants to work with more collaborators on songs from the new album

Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley has hinted that the band will release an “expansion pack” of their new album, featuring new collaborations.

Bayley was speaking to NME over Zoom for the latest In Conversation With chat following the release of the band’s third album, ‘Dreamland’.

Asked about the band’s collaboration with Denzel Curry on ‘Dreamland’ track ‘Tokyo Drifting’ and whether they had any other collaborations fall through, Bayley said: “No, I don’t think so. But we’re doing some more – you heard it here first – we’re doing an expansion pack that will have more features on it at some point.”


Asked whether there were more leftover songs from the ‘Dreamland’ sessions, the frontman added: “Yeah. Some of it just didn’t quite feel right or there was too much in one certain emotional realm.

“There’s always stuff floating around,” Bayley added of unreleased material the band are currently sitting on. “But what’s floating around particularly…it’s just good. People are being very collaborative at the moment and I love that. So many people getting in touch about all sorts of stuff.

“That’s where half of this crazy merch is coming from….I dunno, maybe there’ll be a collaborative thing that’s aside from this album. But I like the idea right now of doing an expansion pack of collaborations with a lot of the music that’s already on this record and playing with that.”

Watch NME‘s full In Conversation With discussion with Glass Animals below.

Reviewing ‘Dreamland’, NME wrote: “‘Dreamland’ is stuffed with effervescent nuggets of pop gold. It’s a sun-drenched record of summer tunes that will sound even better when heard at festivals with a tinnie in hand.


“Yet look behind glittering shells of these tunes and you’ll find hugely personal stories, told with new strength and resilience. So stick on your headphones, close your eyes and take a trip to ‘Dreamland’ – you won’t want to leave.”

Glass Animals also appeared on the cover of NME back in May to talk all things ‘Dreamland’.