Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis: ‘I may introduce electronic microchip wristbands next year’

Festival organiser confirms he is considering microchip bands which track the whereabouts of punters

Glastonbury festival organiser Michael Eavis has revealed he is considering introducing a new microchipped wristband system in 2013.

The devices, which look like standard festival bands but are fitted with a microchip which tracks festival goers going on and off site, were recently rolled out at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in the Netherlands.

Eavis said he is considering introducing the new technology at next year’s Glastonbury and added that it “seems like an incredible system”.

He told BBC Newsbeat:

It does look as though it’s something better than what we’re doing at the moment and I might be tempted to use it.

But Eavis did admit that he had some reservations over the system, which is designed to wipe out ticket fraud and touting, and can be loaded with cash to pay for goods on site

“All the commerical implications of the chip are slightly worrying aren’t they?” he added. “I don’t want to take people into a land they don’t want to go into. And using information about people, I wouldn’t be happy about that.”

Glastonbury currently uses a registration system where ticket holders have their photos displayed on printed tickets.

Meanwhile, Eavis recently confirmed that the headliners for Glastonbury 2013 are “already sorted”.