Glastonbury Festival organisers urged to make after hours areas bigger

Council report declares 2010 event an 'unqualified success', but suggests tweaks for next time

Glastonbury festival organisers are being urged to make the Shangri-La and Block Nine areas bigger at next year’s event.

A report from Mendip District Council has suggested the changes after making an assessment of the 2010 event.

While calling the festival an “unqualified success”, the council recommends that those areas should have an increased capacity as they were “victims of their own success”, becoming extremely popular after the main music stages closed for the night, reports BBC News.

The report also noted that, with 13,872 festival goers arriving on site on the Wednesday, compared to 4,000 in previous years, there was increased pressure on the smaller venues before the music stages started on the Friday. It suggested that, in future, extra entertainment could be staged early.

Glastonbury festival is a safe event,” the report concluded, “but that safety is achieved because of a number of complex factors and relationships and cannot be taken for granted.”