Glastonbury share updated Other Stage times following earlier delays

Music on the stage started late due to damage to the field

Glastonbury have shared updated stage times for the Other Stage following earlier delays.

Music on the stage kicked off late this morning (June 24) after the front section of the grass in front of the stage had to be fenced off while damage to the field was repaired.

James were the first band to perform on the stage, beginning their set 50 minutes later than scheduled.

The Other Stage is currently running half an hour later than advertised in the programme, with timings set to catch up with previously confirmed times.

According to the new times, Other Stage headliners Disclosure will begin their set only five minutes later than originally planned.

Festival organiser Michael Eavis spoke to the crowd as the stage prepared to open, announcing that the fences cordoning off the area were about to be removed.

“Move slowly forward to the front,” he warned. “James will be on stage in around six minutes. Thank you for coming, you really are the best audience in the whole wide world.”