Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis unveils ‘best solar power system in the country’ at Worthy Farm

'We had to make a big statement, and that is what we've done,' he says

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has unveiled what he called the “best solar power system in the country”, fixed on the top of Worthy Farm‘s cowshed.

Eavis has had 1,116 solar panels fitted to the roof of the shed, which overlooks the festival’s Pyramid Stage. Although they will be used primarily to power Worthy Farm, the panels can generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 40 homes annually, reports The Guardian.

Eavis said that the installation had been five years in the planning, adding that he purposefully built the shed with a sloped roof.

“We had to make a major statement because we use so much power. This has brought us one big step closer to our goal of operating the farm as ecologically as possible,” he said.

Any leftover energy generated will go into the National Grid.

The installation will also help to feed energy to Worthy Farm during the Glastonbury festival, which next year takes place from June 24-26, although additional power will still be needed to cater for the massive consumption during the weekend.

Eavis expects to earn £60,000 a year from the project, which should save around 100 tonnes of carbon a year. Next Tuesday (November 16), he is due to host the Farming Futures project at Worthy Farm, aiming to inform farmers about climate change.

“We’ve got the best festival in the world and the best solar power system in the country – so far,” he added. “We’ve got to keep pushing, trying to do more.”