‘Sgt Pepper’ sleeve creator Peter Blake designs special Glastonbury T-shirt

Image created for the National Trust

Celebrated pop artist Peter Blake has created some special works inspired by the Glastonbury festival for the National Trust.

Blake is best known for designing the iconic cover art to The Beatles‘ 1967 album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.

His latest work is inspired by the famous Glastonbury Tor, which is owned by the National Trust. It shows the 15th Century St Michael’s Tower at the summit of the Tor, surrounded by butterflies. Michael and Emily Eavis, as well as St Michael himself, are incorporated into the design

The artwork will feature on limited edition T-shirts which will be given away at Trust’s Glastonbury venue, The Outside Inn.

Blake has also created a butterfly tattoo logo which will be available as temporary body art at the site. He said: “The combination of the Tor, the local butterfly and the festival really fired my imagination.”

The National Trust has previously announced that it will light up St Michael’s Tower throughout this year’s festival, to mark the event’s 40th anniversary.