Watch a Glastonbury festival-goer write a song while stuck in traffic

20 minute journey turned into four-hour ordeal

A festival-goer stuck in traffic on her way to Glastonbury decided to use the spare time to write a song during the journey.

As Daily Mail reports, 23-year-old Bea Munro was on her way to this year’s festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton when they ran into gridlock traffic. The journey was only meant to take 20 minutes but turned into a four-hour ordeal.

Munro’s boyfriend uploaded a video to Facebook of her impromptu song. The lyrics include the lines: “Wake up Wednesday morning and it’s only 5am, last shower for a week, and you make some scrambled eggs. We thought we were invincible, had it all planned out in our heads, but the traffic’s oh so miserable and there’s no light up ahead. On our way to G-L-A-S-T-O-N-B-U-R-Y in the T-R-A-double F-I-C J-A-M, oh why.”

“But soon we will be singing with the mud up to our knees, swimming to our tent so how we love you Glastonbury. Sing it once again, we love you Glastonbury.”

Munro told the Mail: “I thought the queues were never going to end. We only got through it with lots of food, a guitar and high hopes in our hearts.”

“Because I’m a musician, I just said, ‘Shall we write a song?’ then grabbed the guitar and it didn’t take me long to write. I just jotted it down on my phone, it took about 15 minutes. We hoped it would cheer a few people up if they saw it. I think it’s Glastonbury worthy. Pyramid Tent next year perhaps?”

“My advice to others stuck in the traffic would be: don’t be afraid to take the diversion and make sure you ignore road signs!”

Glastonbury Festival 2016 runs until Sunday (June 26).

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