UFO spotted at Glastonbury festival

Ministry Of Defence files reveal 1994 report

A pair of Glastonbury festival-goers reported spotting a UFO at the 1994 event to the Ministry of Defence, it has been revealed.

According to MoD files released yesterday (August 17), the man and the woman reported seeing an object flying over a jazz tent at the Somerset bash – and that they thought that the object was trying to send them a message, reports the London Lite.

They claimed that they were “standing soberly” when they spotted the UFO. The unnamed woman described the object as a “twirling set of moving lights attached to what must have been a circular object. It was unlike anything we knew and so I immediately said it must be a UFO/spaceship.”

She added: “What made me feel this was [that it was a spaceship] was that the lights were below this circular object and flashing in a way that was communicating to us. It was also silent and the way it glided was the smoothest and most effortless motion I had seen in the sky.

“It swirled around and glided down straight towards us. We really became quite frightened but awestruck. Hair stood on the end of my arms and my heart was pounding.”

No-one else reported seeing a UFO at the event.