Glastonbury festivalgoer undertakes nine-hour round trip to retrieve ticket after accidentally throwing it away

Dan Saunders, from Bolton, was nearly denied entry to this weekend's festival after unintentionally binning his ticket to paradise

A Glastonbury 2017 ticketholder was very nearly denied entry to this year’s festival after mistakenly throwing his ticket away in a bin at a Tesco petrol station.

The annual Worthy Farm festival concluded tonight (June 26), with Ed Sheeran and Boy Better Know closing the Pyramid and Other stages respectively.

However, one punter was almost denied the chance to be part of the fun after he accidentally binned his ticket while en route to the festival last week. Dan Saunders, from Bolton, was driving down to Pilton when he stopped at a Tesco petrol station close to his home to refuel.

“Dan thought he’d put the ticket in his glove compartment but he’d put it in his passenger door, along with a load of old receipts,” Saunders’ dad Andrew told the Metro. “When he stopped at the Tesco petrol station to fill up, he threw the old receipts and accidentally put the ticket in the bin too.”

Upon discovering at the Glastonbury gates that he’d misplaced his ticket, Saunders called his father in a desperate attempt to salvage the situation.

Thankfully, the 19-year-old’s dad managed to retrieve the ticket from the Tesco bin minutes before it was due to be emptied, with Saunders then making a nine-hour round trip back home to Bolton to be reunited with his ticket.

“It was pretty incredible that my dad managed to find it. I honestly thought I’d have to go home and miss out,” Dan said. “I was gutted when I realised at the gates I couldn’t find my ticket. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“I was contemplating just going home and admitting defeat because I was sat there watching people walk up towards to big Glastonbury sign to watch the sunset. It was so frustrating.

“But at around 10 o’clock my dad rang to say he’d found the ticket at the petrol station.”

Andrew said he and his son had tried in vain to gain help from Glastonbury staff, but they were unable to fulfill the request due to the increased security at this year’s festival.

“When I called the box office at Glastonbury to thank them for their help and let them know we’d found the ticket, I could hear people screaming in the background because they were so happy for him,” Andrew recalled. “One of the ticket officers, I think she was called Andrea, was quite upset that she couldn’t do anything. She was going to speak to the event managers but it was unlikely they would have been able to do anything.”