Gates open for 2009 Glastonbury festival

Plus Emily Eavis gives NME.COM the latest weather conditions from the site

Festival goers have started arriving onsite today (June 24) for Glastonbury 2009, co-organiser Emily Eavis has told NME.COM.

Gates opened at Worthy Farm at 8am (BST), and the earlier arrivals are already pitching the tents and getting set-up for this year’s festival.

“It’s looking mighty fine down here, it’s really looking lovely,” Eavis told NME.COM. “Everything is glistening in the sunshine. The people are flooding in, I tell you. A lot of people were waiting when we opened the gates this morning, and it’s always quite emotional when people come in. It’s amazing to see them so desperate to get on site at 8 o’clock in the morning. It was really lovely, we watched them pitching their tents in the sunshine. The site is looking good and the campsites are steadily filling up.”


She added that all preparations were completed just before fans were allowed in, and everything is in place for when the festival kicks off properly on Friday (June 26) morning.

“Last night there was this real race for every area to finish their build in time for the public,” explained Eavis. “People were working through the night and it’s great that as everyone was finishing the gates were flung open and people were flooding in, amazed by the site.”

However the co-organiser warned festival goers who are yet to travel down to Glastonbury to come ready, as changeable weather conditions have been forecast, including both sun and rain.

“I think there’s going to be some sunshine and some showers, so people should come prepared for both,” she suggested. “You need sunscreen and wellies. The new flood relief and drainage system is absolutely amazing, and the ground is very dry so a little bit of rain should be OK. We’re keeping our fingers crossed – we’re probably going to get a bit of both, which is always the best Glastonbury. Come prepared for sun and rain, and don’t be surprised to get both!”

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