Glastonbury Festival 2010 ticket details released

Tickets for the Worthy Farm bash go on sale this October

Glastonbury festival 2010 tickets will go on sale on at 9am (BST) October 4, organisers have confirmed.

As with previous years, those aged over 13 who wish to buy tickets must register on before applying for tickets. Glastonbury‘s £50 deposit scheme will also be in place this year, giving fans the option of reserving a ticket ahead of paying the full price next February.

Weekend tickets for Glastonbury 2010 cost £185 – £10 up on last year’s price – plus £5 booking fee (and £4.95 postage).

Speaking in a Q&A on, festival organiser Michael Eavis said he had hoped to keep the ticket price the same as the 2009 festival, but was unable to.

“[The prise has risen] a little bit, I’m afraid. I do try and hold it down, but the girls doing the budgeting are so thorough and so clever, and they said: ‘Look, the minimum rise we can get away with is 10 quid more’. It is a shame, because I really wanted to hold the price.”

Eavis also denied he has any plans to retire in the near future, saying: “There’s no thought of me retiring whatsoever. I’ve got no interest in retirement. One day I’ll have no choice, presumably, but while I can choose I’ve got no interest in retirement.”

Elsewhere, Eavis confirmed that he’s been talking to potential acts to play in 2010, adding that “some of the artists out there are particularly interested in the fact that it’s 40 years” since Glastonbury started.

He also confirmed that the camper van field has been increased by a thousand spaces.

Glastonbury 2010 tickets go on sale on October 4 at 9am. See for more information.