Glastonbury festival causes delay in murder trial

Juror to watch The Boss and co before giving verdict

A murder case at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London has been delayed so that one of the jurors can attend the Glastonbury festival.

The case, the details of which have not been revealed to the media, was halted during the prosecution’s opening speech yesterday (June 8) when the judge intervened to allow the festival-bound juror leave, reports Metro.

Permission for the juror to attend the festival instead of sitting on the bench had been refused once previously by judge David Radford – who reversed his decision when he realised what attending the festival, which takes place on June 26-28, entailed.

“I think you perhaps pre-supposed a bit too much knowledge [about Glastonbury] on my part,” he said. “This is essentially a pre-booked holiday and you have organised to go with friends.”

Glastonbury will be headlined by Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Blur.