Glastonbury demand down because of ‘middle range’ Jay-Z

Michael Eavis blames lack of big headliners for slump

Demand for Glastonbury tickets is down on last year, according to the numbers of those registering for tickets.

Organiser Michael Eavis has put the drop down to the lack of massive headliners at this year’s festival, to be held on June 27-29.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Eavis said: “There’s not as many as last year because we haven’t got the super, big, big, big sort of headlining act anymore. We’ve gone for something middle range, although Jay-Z is huge in America.


“But it’s not like Radiohead or a Muse or a Coldplay or an Oasis, is it? So we didn’t expect the demand to be quite as high.”

Eavis also hinted that tickets for the festival, which go on sale on April 6, may increase in price this year, to support the £2 million worth of donations to charity they hope to raise.

As previously reported, fans must register with Glastonbury’s anti-touting measures by the end of today in order to be eligible to buy tickets on April 6.

The festival will be headlined by Jay-Z, The Verve and Kings Of Leon.


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