Michael and Emily Eavis: ‘Jay-Z will shake up Glastonbury’

Pair say this will be festival's 'flagship' year

Glastonbury promoters Michael and Emily Eavis have spoken out about this year’s festival – saying they’re really confident about the line-up.

The event has been getting a lot of stick since it was announced earlier this year that Jay-Z would be one of the headliners.

However, the Worthy Farm pair say the hip-hop star is a brilliant addition to the festival.

When asked about her thoughts on people’s reaction to her booking the rapper Emily Eavis told the Sun: “People don’t like change and there’s an element who want it to be a Coldplay or a Radiohead – but the best thing we can do is give people something different.”

She added: “A lot of people who don’t understand why Jay-Z is headlining haven’t seen him live. He is phenomenal. Every time someone comes to this festival they discover new music – this year it will be a headliner.”

Emily Eavis then further explained her reason for booking Jay-Z, saying: “We just wanted someone really different to shake things up.”

She also said she respected Jay-Z‘s reaction to the negative comments about his headline slot, saying: “There was a huge reaction to it, partly because Noel Gallagher spoke about it, which is fair enough, but Jay-Z never wavered. He was never pulling out, which shows solidarity.”

The Eavis‘ admitted some of the negative comments they’ve been getting about Glastonbury this year have hurt.

Emily said: “It’s upset us having to defend the festival this year. It’s our home, we invite people here and it’s the best party in the world.”

Michael added: “This has been our life for 38 years so, of course, it hurts that people have a go. But when you’re successful like Glastonbury has been, people start kicking you.”

However he confidently said: “It will be our flagship year, mark my words.”

Glastonbury takes place between June 27 and 29. For more information go to Glastonburyfestivals.co.uk.