Michael Eavis: ‘Glastonbury might not go on forever’

'It might happen or it might not' says festival organiser

Michael Eavis has spoken about the future of the Glastonbury festival, saying that although he believes Worthy Farm will go on “forever”, the festival may not.

Eavis explained that while he loved organising the festival, the basis of his life and income was still the working farm the bash is situated on.

“The farm’s been here forever and the farm will go on forever, but the festival might or might not,” he told BBC News.

“I’m always slightly tummy rumbling about the festival,” he continued. “There’s always something slightly frightening about it. It might happen or it might not. There’s so many external factors.”

Eavis talked about his daily routine, explaining that he starts each day by swimming lengths in a swimming pool within a barn, before enjoying a grapefruit and porridge breakfast.

The festival organiser also said that having bands play on the farm helped increase the milk production levels of his cows. “Primal Scream have to be one of the best milking bands,” he said. “We can’t get Primal Scream every year though, can we, not for the cows.

“I love it to bits, there’s never a dull moment,” Eavis concluded. “Life’s been very sweet to me really, and I’m a very fortunate old bloke to have all this going on at the farm.”

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