Promoters and venues to foot the bills for police costs?

New proposal could mean a rise in ticket prices

The Association Of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have proposed that venues and promoters should pick up the total bill for policing live events.

Under current legislation stands only police officers inside venues and festival sites are being paid for by events organisers.

However, ACPO have told the Home Office that they want to charge football clubs and “other money-making events”, such as festival and gig promoters, for the full cost of policing.

This would mean promoters and venue owners would be charged for police working both inside and outside shows, and would be likely to lead to a rise in ticket prices to cover the costs.

Speaking to Music Week Geoff Huckstep, chairman of the National Arenas Association, said: “I have no knowledge of a situation where there has been trouble caused by fans leaving a concert. I can see why extra police are needed outside a football match, but not a concert.”

Festival Republic boss Melvin Benn, who is involved in running events such as the Reading And Leeds Festivals and Glastonbury, said: “If they target football and live music, then they’d also have to do that across society – and who would pick up the bill for protests and demonstrations? It would be a very dangerous precedent.”

Football clubs have begun to consult lawyers, while the music industry is mobilising a legal effort to lobby against the ACPO plan.