Glastonbury’s Emily Eavis speaks as fans arrive onsite

Co-organiser says she thinks it could be a dry(ish) festival

Glastonbury‘s Emily Eavis has told NME.COM that the first festival goers have started arriving at Worthy Farm today (June 25) – and everything is looking good for a dry-ish weekend.

The co-organiser was speaking from the festival site, which opened to the public at 8am (BST) this morning.

“People are streaming in, it’s so exciting,” declared Eavis. “It’s quite moving after everything we’ve gone through this year, it’s great to see people arrive and pitch up their tents. There’s so much enthusiasm.

“People seem to be arriving at the same rate as last year, people were here at 8 this morning. The camp sites were starting to take shape, (there’s a) real buzz of excitement this year.”

She added that the site is looking good, and based on her knowledge of the air – Eavis grew up on the farm – while she is not expecting a totally dry weekend she’s confident conditions will be much better than in previous years.

“It’s beautiful down here today, It’s boiling hot,” Eavis explained. “I’m expecting a bit of a shower at some point over the weekend but we think it will be pretty fine all weekend from knowing what it’s like here.”

Eavis added that she had spent the day exploring some of the new additions to the festival this year, and even she was excited by what is on offer.

“I went down to Trash City last night – it was mind-blowing,” she explained. “It feels like it transports you to a different zone.”

Eavis added that after slow sales, they now expect the festival to sell out in time for the kick off on Friday morning (June 27).

“There are very few tickets left,” she said. “And they’re in last 24 hours they’ve been moving fast, so we’ll sell out by Friday I think. We’re all ready to go. We’re ready for everyone.”

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