Glastonbury: ‘We have some very exciting options for 2009’

Organisers admit they have work cut out following up Jay-Z

Glastonbury organisers have have told NME.COM they are already have some options for next year’s festival.

Emily Eavis explained that the festival had put themselves under a bit more pressure in 2008 after the success of Jay-Z‘s Pyramid Stage performance.

“We have some very exciting options for next year,” she explained. “We really have to follow-up this year’s success so we’re going to be very careful who we pick.”

Eavis also explained that she hoped the new system of allowing fans to put down a deposit for ticket to next year’s Glastonbury Festival will help more fans get to the event.

“Hopefully the deposit will be good for people who know they want to come but can’t put that money down upfront,” she suggested. “It’s a much fairer way of allocating tickets rather than doing it all on one day, then they can pay the rest off any time throughout the year before April, although the second payment will have to be the remaining amount.”

Eavis added that the Glastonbury site had already recovered from the 2008 event.

“The clear-up has gone so well this year,” she said, “the farm is already pretty much back to it’s green glory!”