Glastonbury won’t go for Jay-Z type act for 2009

Michael Eavis says he'll go for 'traditional' headliners

Glastonbury festival organiser Michael Eavis has said that he won’t book a so-called “controversial” act for next year’s festival, following Jay-Z’s Glastonbury headline slot at this year’s bash.

Eavis told BBC News that he would go for “traditional” headliners, and revealed that the stress caused by this year’s slow ticket sails took its toll on him physically.

“We’ll probably be going for the more traditional headliner next year,” he said, “because there are more of them around and after this year everyone wants to come on board because it was such a good do. The thing is people are coming back.

“I’ve never enjoyed it so much [this year] although I’ve had a lot of worries with the tickets not selling – I lost half a stone in weight at one point.

“I was so scared but it came through. So when you get so scared like that and then when it comes right in the end it’s fantastic.”

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