Glastonbury line-up: the fans’ verdict

NME.COM readers speak out about controversial line up

Yesterday NME.COM exclusively posted the full line up of Glastonbury.

Acts playing the Pyramid Stage include The Raconteurs, Editors, Goldfrapp and Leonard Cohen.

Meanwhile Panic! At The Disco will headline the Other Stage on the Friday night (June 27), with Massive Attack (28) and Groove Armada taking the other top slots.


Fans have flooded NME.COM with their opinions on the line-up this year.

Benj 1364 summed up the mood of some fans when he wrote: “Glastonbury needs to have a big re-think!! They are scraping the barrel now! Michael and Emily SORT IT OUT.”

Ricardonal said: “This line-up is shocking. Last year Glasto had the likes of The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Arcade Fire to name a few. There are a few good bands here but for me the best line-up this summer has to be Reading. Glad I?m going there instead.”

Meanwhile commenting on Jay-Z‘s apperance Emo_lol said: ?Even ignoring the whole ‘Jay-Z‘ bollocks, that is terrible, terrible line up. Thank God for this years Reading line-up!?

Other readers commented on the fact they were glad they didn’t register for tickets this year. Flumphert said: ?Due to commitments (I) didn?t register this year. Thank fuck I didn?t either cos the lineup is atrocious.? Matt Paradise said: ?Boy am I glad I didn?t bother buying a ticket- that?s pretty awful , so bland.?

Jamesheal wrote: ?What a joke?Glastonbury is definitely going to be a warm up for a proper festival.?


However, there were plenty of positive comments.

gazmassie noted the number of newer bands playing: ?Good to see some awesome bands playing on the other stages i.e Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Black Kids, Neon Neon?Thank God Glasvegas are kicking the whole thing off.?

Meanwhile Swoosh said: “Better than Reading/Leeds . Quite a bad year across the board. But I think this is the best line-up plus Glastonbury is more than just music – it’s the experience?I can?t wait.?

Jordiep07 stood by the line-up commenting: “I don’t see why people always have to find a reason to slate Glastonbury just because it’s the most famous festival around. OK, the line up’s been better, but hey, this is a good line-up.?

Mr_gamgee said it was more about the experience of the festival than the line-up, commenting: “I have a few things to say to those who are dissing Glasto because of the line-up…1) How fickle are you if you’re letting a single act put you off going to an amazing festival that doesn’t need one single headliner to be worth going to? 2) Poor line-up? You obviously haven’t got a clue. At the cost of ‘amazing headliners’ you now have a fantastic amount of even more brilliant smaller bands, I’m going to be stupidly spoiled for choice.

Wilsonio added: “Some people need to get a grip because none of the festivals are that great! The fact is?there isn’t enough decent bands in the world at the moment!”

Natty123 declared: “I can’t believe people are saying they are disappointed with the line-up – I think its a great line-up. I can’t believe John Mayer is playing the Pyramid!!!! People will have a good time no matter what, there is something for everyone! Bring it on I say!!!”