Emily Eavis dismisses possibility of Glastonbury site move amid ‘dangerous gas pipe’ reports

Michael Eavis recently claimed that a back-up location has been earmarked

Glastonbury Festival organiser Emily Eavis has clarified comments made by her father that the festival may be forced to move to a new venue amid concerns over the safety of a gas pipe.

Michael Eavis recently said that a back-up location “about 20 miles up the road” has been earmarked should a move from Worthy Farm become a necessity.

Emily Eavis has dismissed such fears, telling The Guardian: “There seems to have been a misunderstanding about the gas line which runs under a part of the festival site. We work closely with the National Grid to ensure all necessary precautions are taken in relation to the gas line. This means we can continue running the festival on Worthy Farm, without any issues connected to this.”

Speaking in Dublin earlier this month, Michael Eavis said: “We’ve got a gas main running through the site, a big gas pipe coming down from the North of England to Torquay. They [Mendip District Council and gas technicians] said this is dangerous and I said, ‘Well it’s been there for years and so have we’. So every year they make a fuss about this pipe.”

“We’re supposed to stop people dancing on the pipe, which is a pretty impossible thing to do. They say that if they are all dancing on the pipe at the same time they could fracture it.”

Michael Eavis also said that the decision was made last year “to turn the pressure down on the pipe” during the festival weekend.

He added: “I have a reserve site at the moment that’s pretty sorted. So if I get any problems with Worthy Farm, then I can move it about 20 miles up the road. I hope I don’t have to do that because the festival is really about the farm and Glastonbury and the vale of Avalon – all the mystery and legends of the area. So it wouldn’t be quite the same if we had to move it away for the sake of the gas pipe. But you never know.”


Meanwhile, reports suggest that Adele is “in talks” to headline next year’s Glastonbury Festival, while Grimes is also thought to have been booked.

Main stage booker Martin Elbourne told Loaded that they are in the final stage of discussions to bring Adele to the Pyramid Stage.

“There’s lots of talk about Adele and it’s in there in the mix,” Elbourne is quoted as saying. “Adele is in a situation in her career where frankly she can do whatever the hell she likes. Hopefully it will happen and it still needs to be confirmed. She’s not into festivals but obviously, every promoter in the world wants to get her so fingers crossed, we are hoping it’s going to happen.”

He also confirmed that two of the headliners for the John Peel stage have been confirmed and Grimes will be performing at next year’s bash.