Chemical Brothers bring Glastonbury to thunderous finish

Other Stage crowd fight through the mud to finish festival in style

Chemical Brothers brought the Other Stage to a rousing finale on the last night of Glastonbury Festival (June 24).

The Glastonbury veterans and former Pyramid Stage headliners returned to their spiritual home to round off the festival opposite The Who.

The veteran electro duo, who are back with sixth album ‘We Are The Night’, featuring guest appearances from Klaxons, Ali Love and Willy Mason.

While none of their wide range of guest-stars appeared onstage, they still brought along the vocals of New Order’s Bernard Sumner, Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne electronically on ‘Out Of Control’, ‘Believe’ and ‘The Golden Path’ respectively.

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons provided the muddy but jubilant Other Stage crowd with a thrill-packed show which married spectacular visuals to a set packed from the greatest hits, which climaxed with ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ classic ‘Elektrobank’.

Chemical Brothers played:

‘No Path To Follow’


‘Burst Generator’

‘Do It Again’

‘Get Yourself High’

‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’

‘All Rights Reversed’

‘Out If Control’

‘Don’t Fight Control’


‘Star Guitar’

‘Surface To Air’

‘Under The Influence’



‘Wiard/ Acid Children’

‘Golden path’

‘Chemical beats’

The last people standing at Glastonbury are now heading to the wide range of parties dotted around the markets, the Green Fields and the Stone Circle.

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