Kaiser Chiefs triumph in the Glastonbury mud – again

Leeds band rule in front of huge Pyramid Stage audience

Kaiser Chiefs made an emotional return to Glastonbury tonight (June 24).

The band triumphed on the Pyramid Stage in 2005, cementing their reputation as one of Britain’s best new bands.

They returned to the same stage tonight – playing just before The Who – aiming to propel themselves among Britain’s elite.

“We just want to give the festival a really good send off,” bassist Simon Rix told NME.COM before the show and right from their first note their intent was clear.

Kicking off with ‘Everyday I Love You Less And Less’ the band immediately worked the crowd into a frenzy, who in return greeted the group by unveiling a new Kaisersaurus.

During the band’s debut Glastonbury appearance an inflatable dinosaur was passed to the stage and into the festival’s history.

Again an inflatable was tossed into the moshpit early on by the eager crowd, however there was little time for nostalgia.

Having got the masses to join in with a series of “hip hip hoorays”, singer Ricky Wilson was quickly down amongst the crowd, charging up to the front row to deliver ‘Everything Is Average Nowadays’.

It had the desired effect as the crowd sing-a-long for next song ‘Na Na Na Naa’ shot-up in volume, with the audience supplying enthusiastic backing vocals.

Meanwhile ‘Ruby’ – which had been adopted as one of the festival’s anthem ahead of the band’s performance, with festival goes singing “muddy, muddy, muddy” to its tune – proved equally as loud.

“Make a noise if you’re having the greatest weekend of your life,” Wilson asked the crowd mid-way through the set to loud cheers. “Make a noise if you don’t care about the mud.”

With tracks from second album ‘Yours Truly Angry Mob’ going down as well as the first album tracks that won the crowd over here two years ago, the likes of ‘The Angry Mob’ had one of the weekend’s largest crowds jumping around in the mud and rain.

As ‘I Predict A Riot’ provoked dancing that stretched back almost into the campsites at the top of the hill, even its b-side ‘Take My Temperature’, a favourite in 2005, proved a winner again.

Then it was all about the show closer, which had to be ‘Oh My God’.

With a choir of thousands, unlike previous complaints on the stage, volume was not a problem for this Pyramid set, as the audience blasted every word of the song back to the band.

Breaking down the final chorus, frontman Wilson strode down the front of the stage turned his microphone towards the audience as the band and festival united for one of the weekend’s biggest climaxes.

As the band left the stage drummer Nick Hodgson told the audience “we’ll see you next year!”

Kaiser Chiefs played:

‘Everyday I Love You Less And Less’

‘Heat Dies Down’

‘Everything Is Average Nowadys’

‘Na Na Na Naa’


‘I Can Do It Without You’

‘Modern Way’

‘Learnt My Lesson Well’


‘The Angry Mob’

‘Thank You Very Much’

‘I Predict A Riot’

‘Take My Temperature’


‘Oh My God’

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