Richey Edwards looms over Manic Street Preachers Glastonbury set

Plus the Welsh trio get a special guest for Pyramid Stage slot

Manic Street Preachers teamed up with Cardigans singer Nina Persson for a special collaboration at the Glastonbury Festival today (June 24).

The Welsh trio were joined by the Swedish singer for their Number Two hit ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ on the Pyramid Stage.

The hour-long show saw the Manics lace their set with tracks from their new album ‘Send Away The Tigers’ and various classic hits from their back catalogue.

Referring to the rainy conditions early on, singer James Dean Bradfield said: “If it’s any comfort we did two gigs in Germany and it was pissing down there as well.”

Before ‘La Tristesse Durera’ he also quipped: “I’ve got this one move where I spin around on one leg. And then some fella went on ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ and just did that all the way through the song! So will you please let me do my one piss-poor stage move.”

As the band closed their set the singer paid an emotional tribute to their former member Richey Edwards before launching into debut single ‘Motown Junk’.

“We first played Glastonbury in 1994,” he told the crowd. “One of us was hammered before the gig, during the gig and after the gig. That man was Mr Richey James (Edwards). This one is for him.”

Manic Street Preachers played:

‘You Love Us’

‘Motorcycle Emptiness’

‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’


‘You’re Love Alone Is Not Enough’

‘Everything Must Go’

‘From Despair To Where’


‘Ocean Spray’

‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’

‘La Tristesse Durera’

‘Imperial Bodybags’

‘Motown Junk’

‘A Design For Life’

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