The Horrors get ripped to pieces at Glastonbury

Faris Badwin and co cause chaos at festival

The HorrorsFaris Badwin got his T-shirt ripped to shreds at their Glastonbury performance today (June 24).

The band played a raucous set on the John Peel stage which saw Badwin jump into the crowd during ‘She Is The New Thing’ and got mauled by fans.

In prelude to the festival, the band posted on Wednesday (June 20) on “If you believe the weather reports, this weekend the skies will split open, rivers of mud will flow and thousands of people will be soaked to the bone at the Glastonbury Festival.


“In the midst of this potential carnage The Horrors will perform their very first Glastonbury set. It all seems rather fitting, doesn’t it?”

The band’s trademark mayhem saw Badwin leaping on the lighting rig during ‘Sheena Is A Parasite’ and dancing manically during ‘She In The New Thing’.

The band played:

‘No Love Lost’

‘Count In Fives’

‘She Is The New Thing’


‘Death At The Chapel’

‘Jack The Ripper’

‘Draw Japan’

‘Sister Leonella’

‘Crawdaddy Simone’

‘Sheena Is A Parasite’


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