The Cribs: We do care about global warming

Ryan Jarman speaks after Glastonbury comments

The Cribs have explained their onstage comments from the opening day (June 22) of this year’s Glastonbury.

The trio courted controversy with their Other Stage performance when the band said they cared more about getting rid of bad bands then the environment.

Ryan Jarman sarcastically told the crowd: “They want us to speak out about global warming, but the biggest problem is the attitude of some indie bands. Isn’t that a bigger problem?”


However the band spoke have since spoke to NME.COM saying they were joking about the climate, but not the bands.

“At no point was I meaning to criticise the festival’s climate campaign, I was just making a flippant remark about, how in my opinion, the mainstream mindset of most ‘indie’ bands these days is the real scourge we should be against,” explained Jarman.

“I completely 100 per cent back their climate campaign and admire the festival’s ethical stance. Having integrity is an important thing, which is what I was trying to say.”

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