Carl Barat: No Glastonbury reunion with Pete Doherty

However has the Dirty Pretty Thing married at Glastonbury?

Carl Barat has told NME.COM he will not be playing with Pete Doherty at Glastonbury today (June 24).

There have been a suggestion that The Libertines would reunite on The Park Stage at 4pm, when Doherty is billed to be playing an acoustic set.

However despite the stories reaching tabloid newspapers, Barat said he won’t be playing because he won’t be on site.

“I would (play), but tomorrow afternoon I’ll be in Holland,” he explained. “I don’t mind the rumours, but it’s a bit unfair on the lads (Dirty Pretty Things) sometimes. When people love the songs we do with the boys it detracts a little bit. I’d love play with Pete one day, someday, but I always say we’re doing our own things at the moment.”

Then star added that he had watched and enjoyed BabyshamblesOther Stage performance at the festival.

However the singer did declare that one new rumour about him was in fact true – well, sort of.

Barat “married” his girlfriend at the Lost Vagueness field’s Chapel Of Love And Loathing with The Charlatans‘ frontman Tim Burgess officiating.

“It’s true, sort of!” he explained. “Tim Burgess was a mumbling priest and I think he said ‘Do you take this woman?’, but I don’t think it’s legally binding!”

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