The Twang play memorable Glastonbury set

Birmingham band pay tribute to the other headliners too

The Twang made their Glastonbury debut tonight (June 23) with a headline performance on the John Peel stage.

The Birmingham band were overwhelmed by the crowd, with singer Phil Etheridge praising the audience throughout their set for making the effort to see the quintet ahead of The Killers and The Stooges.

Co-singer Martin Saunders told NME.COM before they hit the stage: “We’re fucking buzzing you know. This is the festival to play isn’t it? No disrespect to the other festivals man, they are obviously ace man, but this is the fucker to play and we’re headlining the fucking John Peel Stage. It’s a dream come true isn’t it man? A lot of people will go and see The Killers and if one or two come and watch us then great.”

Of the headliners he added: “I fucking love The Killers man. Their first album is fucking amazing. I love that tune ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’. It took me a while to get into that ‘When You Were Young’ but I love that as well now.”

The Twang kicked off their set with ‘Loosely Dancing’ before launching into recent hit single ‘Either Way’, which lead singer Phil Etheridge dedicated to a girl in the crowd before adding: “Our guitarist has been hassling me all night about this one. I’ve got to dedicate this to a girl in the crowd who is going through a lot of shit. This one is for her. Hope she feels better.”

The quintet rolled through a series of tracks from their debut ‘Love It When I Feel Like This’, including ‘The Neighbour’ which Etheridge dedicated to “someone who used to live next door to us. He’s in bed and I’m down here. This is for you, you cunt”.

During album track ‘Don’t Wait Up’, the quintet had to start the song from scratch when Etheridge forgot the opening words to the track.

“Hang on, hang on. Rewind,” the singer laughed. “I was so blown away by you lot that I forgot to come in on my vocals. This one goes out to all the fucking people in the rain and the mud.”

When the band launched into hit single ‘Wide Awake’, the crowd sang back every word and continued chanting the song’s catchy refrain, “Whoah, whoah” during the encore.

Closing the set with ‘Cloudy Room’ Etheridge declared: “Glastonbury, you’ve been fucking amazing. There was loads of good bands on tonight so thanks for coming down. It is a moment I will never forget – now tear the fucking tent up.”

The Twang played:

‘Loosely Dancing’

‘Either Way’

‘Aimless With An Aim’

‘The Neighbour’

‘Reap What You Sow’

‘Ice Cream Sundae’

‘Two Lovers’

‘Don’t Wait Up’

‘Push The Ghosts’

‘Wide Awake’

‘Your Beats’

‘Cloudy Room’

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