Dirty Pretty Things play secret Glastonbury show for Joe Strummer

Klaxons and Charlatans turn out for tiny Lost Vagueness gig too

Dirty Pretty Things played a second – secret – set at Glastonbury tonight (June 23) for Joe Strummer charity Strummerville.

The band played the tiny stage in the Lost Vagueness field, and surprising fans after they had played the Pyramid Stage earlier today.

Arriving onstage in disguise, wearing big wigs and velvet jackets, the band bantered with the crowd throughout the gig even letting them pick what songs they played.

However the set was not just a Dirty Pretty Things show, as the band – joined by some star friends – also gave a Glastonbury debut to their indie super-group The Chavs.

“Ladies and gentle it’s a very special treat for you, have you heard of The Chavs?” Carl Barat asked the crowd. “Well some of them are knocking about – oh apparently they’ve gone for food, but they might play later for now we’ll be Dirty Pretty Things.

The band then kicked off their set, asking the audience what songs they wanted to hear.

Paddingtons guitarist Josh Hubbard – who joined Dirty Pretty Things when Barat broke a collarbone last year – was present and selected the band play ’Come Closer’.

They then thrilled the audience playing The Libertines’Death On The Stairs’, before it was time for The Chavs.

”Any of The Chavs turned up? Tim Burgess to the stage please,” asked Barat as The Charlatans frontman arrived. “If Jamie Klaxon is here we’ll do ’Golden Skans’. No? We’ll start with ’North Country Boy’ with Tim Burgess instead.”

The band kicked off the song and were joined by Klaxons’s Jamie Reynolds mid way through the song which mutated into a cover of The Rolling Stones’You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.

The Klaxon then took over the bass from Didz Hammond for The Chavs first ever new song.

”This called ‘Kicking Out The Pricks’,” Barat explained. “It sounds a bit like ’Route 66’ but it’s not.”

With the song dedicated to The Clash frontman Joe Strummer, who’s picture watched down from the back of the stage, the band then moved onto a shambolic but punky version of KlaxonsGolden Skans’ which featured Tim Burgess on lead vocals.

Reverting to Dirty Pretty Things, guitarist Anthony Rossomando took over lead vocals for for ’You Fucking Love It’ and ended the set playing in the front row with the fans.

The band then all hummed, pretending to be trumpets as they brought the surprise show to an end with ’Bang Bang You’re Dead’.

Afterwards the group lingered on as the fans called for more, leaving Hammond to explain they would be no encores tonight.

”We like to do more, but it’s not within our remit,” explained the bassist. “Always leave the table wanting more, that’s what my mother always said!”

Dirty Pretty Things and The Chavs played:

‘Chinese Dogs’

‘The Gentry Cove’

‘Gin & Milk’

‘Come Closer’


‘Death On The Stairs’


‘North Country Boy’ / ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’

’Kicking Out The Pricks’

’Golden Skans’

’Blood Thirsty Bastards’

’You Fucking Love It’

’Bang Bang You’re Dead’

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