New Young Pony Club nearly clobber Lily Allen at Glastonbury

Tahita Bulmer almost hits the singer with mic stand

New Young Pony Club singer Tahita Bulmer got embroiled in a spat with Lily Allen during an impromptu gig at Glastonbury tonight (June 23).

The frontwoman, whose band turned up to play a short set on the Strummerville Stage in Lost Vagueness, launched a mic stand into the crowd at the beginning of their set before she spat: “It is a token of my love. Take it as a souvenir.”

However with the stand landing in the crowd close to where Allen was watching she missed the singer by inches prompting suggestions it was aimed at her.

Indeed Allen quickly moved to the sidelines and left the concert halfway through.

However after the gig Bulmer contacted NME.COM to clear up any misunderstanding.

“No she’s (Lily Allen) lovely,” explained the singer. “She came to watch our set. It wasn’t (aimed at her), just off the stage.”

After the initial controversy, the band then got on with a seven song set in front of a crowd who donned fancy dress outfits, as they played songs from their debut ‘Fantastic Playroom’.

Kicking off their gig with ‘Get Lucky’, NYPC got the crowd dancing to the likes of hit singles ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘The Bomb’.

Bulmer, who was dressed in a sparkly silver top, black hotpants and gold leg-ins, danced with the crowd during ‘Grey’ and handed a fluffy red feather boa to a girl in the audience.

During ‘Tight Fit’ she also urged the crowd at the front to snuggle up before adding: “Grab hold of that guy. He could be your future husband.”

New Young Pony Club played:

‘Get Lucky’

‘Hiding On The Stairs’

‘The Bomb’


‘Tight Fit’


‘Get Go’

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