The Pigeon Detectives get pelted by lingerie at Glastonbury

Crowd frenzy during group's John Peel Stage set

The Pigeon Detectives were pelted by lingerie during their set at Glastonbury today (June 23).

Fans spilled out of the John Peel Stage for their debut performance at the festival.

Before playing ’Stop Or Go’ – referencing the band’s recent interview with NME – singer Matt Bowman said: “On this next song people get carried away and throw lingerie on stage… Some people can’t take a fucking joke and write nasty things about you – the lingerie thing is actually a joke.”


However, during the song a fan threw a piece of lingerie on stage leading Bowman to comment: “What a result! Is there anything else you want to throw up here other than a pink bra?”

During their raucous set the crowd chanted, in reference to the band’s home city, “Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!”

The Pigeon Detectives played:

‘You Know I Love You’

‘Romantic Type’

‘Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye’


‘Stop Or Go’

‘I Found Out’

‘Can’t Control Myself’

‘Caught In Your Trap’

‘Better Not Look My Way’

‘I’m Always Right’

‘Wait For Me’

‘Take Her Back’

‘I’m Not Sorry’

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