Biffy Clyro drop in on rainy Glastonbury

Scottish rockers play whistlestop gig before flying to Paris

Biffy Clyro dropped in on Glastonbury for a whistlestop performance this afternoon (June 23).

The Scottish rockers made their debut at the bash on the Other Stage, before they jumped in a chopper to support Muse in Paris tonight.

The trio, who arrived after supporting The Rolling Stones in Barcelona, entertained the Glastonbury crowd with a series of tracks from their new album ‘Puzzle’, including ‘Who’s Got A Match’, ‘Living Is A Problem Because Everybody Dies’, ‘Now I’m Everyone’, ‘Love Has A Diameter’ and hit single ‘Saturday Superhouse’.


Announcing their arrival, singer Simon Neil said: “We have never been to Glastonbury before. This is fucking awesome.”

Commenting on the damp conditions, he joked: “Fair play to you guys for having a good time in the fucking rain. When everyone dies God is gonna give you a handjob.”

Biffy Clyro played:


‘Whose Got A Match’

‘Saturday Superhouse’


‘Love Has A Diameter’

‘Living Is A Problem Because Everybody Dies’

‘Now I’m Everyone’

‘Glitter And Trauma’

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