The Hold Steady warn Glastonbury against gambling

Brooklyn band hand out advice on the John Peel Stage

The Hold Steady warned fans at the Glastonbury against gambling during their set tonight (June 22).

The band, who played the John Peel stage told the crowd to watch out before playing ’Chips Ahoy’

Finn told them: ‘This song is about the only vice that isn’t worth your time.’

Despite the warnings, singer Craig Finn was in a great mood, dancing around the stage and telling the audience: ‘You guys have a great attitude. We’re The Hold Steady and we’re happy to be here.’

Finn even joked about festival security when introducing the next song.

‘So you got searched on the way here?” he asked. “Even the bands get searched. I bring it up because this song is about getting busted. It’s called ’Hot Soft Lights’.”

Prior to closer ’First Night’, Finn thanked the crowd saying: ‘When we started this, we wanted to put a record out in the UK. We were told that the band were too American. Thanks for making us feel intercontinental!’

They played:

‘Your Little Hoodrat Friend’

‘Chips Ahoy’

‘Hot Soft Light’

‘Massive Nights’

‘The Swish’

‘Stevie Nix’

‘Stuck Between Stations’

‘Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night’

‘You Can Make Him Like You’

‘First Night’

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