Bright Eyes makes spectacular return to Glastonbury

Conor Oberst also sends special shout out to Super Furry Animals

Bright Eyes made their return to Glastonbury today (June 22) two years after singer Conor Oberst was criticised for making remarks about the late DJ John Peel.

The singer drafted a string section in for a spectacular afternoon performance on the Other Stage.

Hinting at his previous John Peel slur in 2005, he told the crowd: “It is nice to be here again. I thought we’d never come back”.

Two years ago the singer offended many fans when he allegedly made disparaging comments about the DJ during the band’s set on the John Peel stage. He later apologised for his remarks.

Marking his return the singer, who donned an all white suit, rolled through series of tracks from his recent seventh album ‘Cassadaga’ including ‘Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed)’, ‘Middleman’, ‘Four Winds’ and ‘Lime Tree’.

Addressing the audience during his set he joked: “I saw a flag out in the crowd when Modest Mouse were playing which said Cougar. Is that like a basketball team or something? Cougar to us means an old woman who wants to sleep with young men which applies to some of us.”

He later gave a shout out to the Super Furry Animals and added: “My favourite band are playing next Super Furry Animals. You guys like them? Goddamn.”

Bright Eyes played:

‘Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed)’

‘Hot Knives’

‘Four Winds’


‘First Day’


‘No One Would Riot’


‘Lime Tree’

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